Website Hosting Review platforms to look out for in 2019

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Introduction to Website Hosting

There are billions and counting websites across the entire web space as of now. Every great idea that can potentially be the next billion-dollar unicorn begins with a website and a hosting plan. Entrepreneurs have an extremely difficult choice to make as any Google search about Website hosting throws millions of results.

Spoilt for Choices?

You could be one of those entrepreneurs working on the next big thing or a flower shop owner looking to set up your online store with highest up-time guarantee? Categories like Pricing, UX, Performance, Features and Support happen to be critical items when selecting a hosting plan. Hosting Review understands these challenges and is offering reliable insights from real-time customers apart from personally testing multiple hosting providers.

Easy to use

Its hosting comparison feature on the homepage is extremely easy to use. Just select the companies you want to compare and Voila you are done! You can check user ratings and reviews apart from Scores allotted by Hosting Review on categories like reliability, Pricing, User Experience, Support and Features. We compared 000webhost vs 1Freehosting vs 101 domain and results were easiest to understand and helped us in making a quick decision about which is the better hosting among these three. This was super easy to use.

Way to Go

Lean and higher profit is the way to go for most of the early stage business owners. Website builders have helped millions of people get online and blog or sell their products. There are loads of them on the market like Wix, Go Daddy, WordPress etc. Paul Mahony of Hosting Review quoted an interesting observation; “There are thousands of new businesses every day. Its critical to find the right hosting, platforms, and tools for these new businesses to grow further. Hosting review does exactly that.”


Hosting Review created accounts on each host in order to track and record up-time and server speeds. Terms of service and pricing can be really confusing for normal users to understand so they went ahead and validated the possible downsides. Reliability and strength of cPanel software was power tested. Finally, like billionaires say; any service provider is only as good as its customer support.

More Questions

Still confused about which hosting provider to use? Hosting Review can recommend the best host and alternatives for your required needs. All you need to do is answer basic questions like the kind of website you want to build, CMS you want to use, size of your website, preferred data center location and your preferences regarding OS and user recommendations.


Reviews and recommendations are extremely easy to use and understand even for a non-technical business owner and is helping users choose the best web hosting service easily. Their most recent posting about the best hosting review of all providers is the most detailed and accurate review Bouncegate marketing experts came across in the last month. Here is a detailed review about their in-dept understanding of all these website hosting platforms. The list mentions key details like available server locations for business owners to choose from, real-time user ratings and the pricing range. Image below shows the top 5 most rated platform by Hosting Review.

Hosting review image for Bouncegate

Hostinger and Siteground have been going head-to-head as Hosting review pointed out. However, Hostinger is the better one and recommended for owners who want the best experiences for their website visitors. Does not break the bank as their entry level plans start at lowly rates of $0.80 per month and offers 100GB bandwidth and 10 GB disk space. Paul Mahony of Hosting review pointed out in his exclusive article that inclusion of BitNinja anti-theft security system and SpamAssassin email anti-spam tool impressed him the most in the case of Hostinger.

Further recommendations

Are your running one of those subscription based platforms or does customer experience count as a deciding factor in your assessment of the hosting platform to choose one? Meet Siteground, a company with the same kind of huge dreams and goals just like your. What better way to start your online visibility than working with a company which has the same ambitions as yours. Customer support at Siteground includes live chat, phone calls, tickets and tutorials to choose from as Hosting Review pointed out. Siteground has multiple layers of caching including Static Cache, Dynamic Cache and Memcache. All plans include a Cloud Flare security package to prevent your website from DDoS attacks apart from a free SSL certificate.

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