Hire a Fractional Marketing Director

Functional and results-based marketing is a tricky job. This is where Bouncegate marketing experts come in and help your company grow further.

Bouncegate marketing experts have helped various multi-million dollar startups. One of them went on to be the 332nd most profitable company in the USA in year 2016 and ENTREPRENEUR magazine featured their story. Our fractional marketing directors can generate the same kind of result for your organization. Bouncegate marketing experts also helped a SaaS client have an organic user signup rate of 5400% MoM.

Most business owners fail to understand that their web content needs to be focused towards their core audience and the problem their company is solving and Bouncegate marketing experts add a great value here with well-documented content, newsletters and social media marketing strategies that work for companies.

Who wants to be in a position where a hot lead has asked them to share certain information and they do not the collateral handy. From our experience as CMO’s; presenting a bad collateral is the end of the road for that company in regard to that lead. We have got great collateral skills too. Depending upon your requirements; we can create collaterals which can be put up on your website for prospective customers to download. Feel free to ask for references.

UI/UX is a critical tool. Others may tell you that they can get you a perfect user focused design etc. What they never tell you is that very rare group of marketing professionals focus on helping build a UI/UX which can actually beat your competitors. Isn’t it ironical that marketers talk about beating the hell out of competition and they are failing at the very first step which is when someone lands on your website and this is why we always tell our clients that their UI/UX can do far better.

Bouncegate consultants have great expertise with the following:

  1. Paid and free campaigns across all the social media platforms
  2. Product Marketing for better branding and positioning
  3. Content Marketing for delivering value to the core audience
  4. Creating USP’s in a way value addition of your firm is clearly understood by your perspectives and existing customers
  5. Storytelling & Showcasing which can be built across the USP’s we have highlighted below to make your campaigns a great success and help you exceed your marketing and sales goals
  6. E-books and whitepapers to support your claims and let the customers take an informed decision
  7. Digital Marketing strategies to help your campaigns grow organically on social media platforms
  8. Marketing tools and analytics that will help you reach your monthly, quarterly and yearly sales goal 2X faster
  9. Marketing and sales funnels
  10. Premium media placement across outlets like Forbes, Inc, Huffington post, Fast Co, Tech Crunch etc.
  11. Set up your Youtube channels and playlist. We can drive a lot of views and further traffic on your website and mobile app using the suggested videos strategy there.
  12. Landing pages for your sales and marketing campaigns.
  13. Daily, weekly and monthly recommendations for better conversion, sales, traffic and customer return rate
  14. Market and psychographic behavior research and recommendations
  15. UI/UX recommendations for highest customer satisfaction and buying experience
  16. Marketing collaterals, designs and CTA strategies

Our strategies will help you deliver results and further values like these:

  • {Your company} delivers 3X better buying/delivery/launch/integration/setup experience than ABC/XYZ (Your Competitors).
  • {Your company} helped company ABC (Your customer) generate 2X (Assumption) more profit.
  • DEF (Your customer) gets 30% more savings on premium items than ABC/XYZ (Your Competitors website).
  • DEF/GHI (Your Customers) give you 1.5X better ratings than ABC (Your Competitors).
  • {Your website and mobile platform} is 3X easier to use than Company ABC (Your Competitor).
  • {Your company} takes 45 minutes lesser to assign an expert to a project than company ABC (Your Competitor).
  • {Your company} helped company XYZ (Your prospective customer) launch 4X times faster.
  • {Your company} helped company ABC (Your customer) achieve 2X better conversion, sales.
  • Services delivered via {Your company} have 50% better UX than your competitors.
  • {Your company} has 2X better customer return rate.

Best for:

  • Growing startups with annual revenues up to $500K
  • Companies with employee strength around 150
  • Companies looking for minimum 4X revenue growth
  • Companies looking to get started within a month

Feel free to contact us for confidential discussions. We have a sample NDA with that we can sign to protect your IPR and copyrights, if any. Our marketing experts have also successfully mentored 250+ startups until now by virtue of them being a mentor at various accelerators.