Facebook makes massive changes to its custom audience tool

Facebook custom audience changes article by Bouncegate pic courtesy Unsplash
Facebook custom audience changes article by Bouncegate pic courtesy Unsplash

Recent Changes to Facebook Audience Targeting

Ad serving on Facebook got a major uplift when they rolled out massive changes to their custom audience tool. 2018 was almost like a watershed year for Facebook with Cambridge Analytica bombshell being dropped on them. There were charges that Facebook was massively used to influence the US presidential elections in favor of Donald Trump. Further serious allegations of Russian meddling via Facebook surfaced later. Then came the GDPR which forced Facebook to make various changes in light of updated data regulations about how to process the user data available with them. Latest changes in Facebook custom audience tool has highlighted they were working behind the scenes to roll out required changes. LinkedIn silently made these changes during the time Facebook was busy handling serious user data theft by Cambridge Analytica. And it was time Facebook decided to uphold itself and enforce how advertisers were made accountable and protection of user data remained their primary priority.

Further highlights

Recent changes to its custom audience tool will be preventing advertisers from using data without their consent. Even better, users can opt out of Facebook ads from companies which should not be having access to their data. Malicious advertisers now need to be more careful in serving spammy and fake news ads as all the past related activities on any Facebook page is available under “info and ads” section of their profile. These changes are certain to create initial ripples within your online advertising strategy on Facebook. This basically means companies need to be highly creative while running advertising campaigns in order to engage their prospects. Bouncegate believes marketers and sales reps of companies which obtain and process their users data legitimately have nothing to worry about and this is going to help them further their ad offerings.

Here are the key facts and expert recommendations by Bouncegate marketing experts in light of changes made:

•  Do not pull your budgets away from successful campaigns.
•  Safeguards have been put on certain sections of the custom audience tool and the biggest of them is the  removal of partner categories.

Partner categories removal page on Facebook by Bouncegate
Partner categories removal page on Facebook by Bouncegate

•  Global and EU based custom audiences using partner categories have already been halted and ad deliveries  have been stopped.
•  You can upload and import your own custom audience data to Facebook now and jump straight to the ad manager.

Create a custom audience on FB by Bouncegate
Create a custom audience on Facebook by Bouncegate

More important points

•  Facebook is not responsible for obtaining user consent anymore if you are importing your own ready list of say something like email subscribers, past customers, video viewers, site visitors, ready to buy prospects, Social media Followers etc.
•  Do not start without a proper custom audience optimization plan. And if you do; there are chances that you could be one of the 62% businesses who suck at advertising on Facebook.
•  Visibility of “Info and ads” section on the profiles mean that your competitors and copycats are in a better position to duplicate your successful ads.

Check out your competitors

•  Your competitors can also indulge in Click Frauds as they are now able to see all your advertisements on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.
•  Try tools like Clickcease to help protect yourself from advertisement and click frauds by your aggressive competitors.
•  Its easier to see the advertising list your data is a part of. Visit Facebook’s Ad Preferences link and go down to “Advertisers you have interacted with”. You will see this in one of the sections there. Look for “Who have added their contact list to Facebook”.

Advertisers you have contacted with Image on Facebook by Bouncegate
Advertisers you have contacted with Image on Facebook by Bouncegate

Core Audience vs Custom Audience changes

•  Core audience and custom audience on Facebook are two different sections.
•  No changes have been made to the core audience tool for advertisers and marketers on Facebook.


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