They say some people are born with a talent for growing plants, while others are better at athletics or academics. Then, there are a handful who are multi-talented and able to execute in multiple fields. Arham Muhammad is such a man.

Arham Muhammad is the founder and CEO of a global digital advertising powerhouse, as well as several other businesses. All of these he built from inception to the 9-figure revenue-generating businesses they are today. 

Starting out with his interests in science, Arham Muhammad had no idea about sales, marketing, or running a business when he created his first advertising venture in 2012, at the age of only 20. “I was a science and tech geek during my childhood. Most of my time from the age of 7 was spent inspecting electronics and taking them apart to see how they worked.”

During his teens, Arham’s curiosity was piqued by the emergence of reverse engineering, cyber forensics, and cybersecurity. “I found it exhilarating to understand and analyze code,” said Arham. “I also wrote proofs of concepts, pen tested several applications, and assisted big websites such as AOL, Sony, and Microsoft with finding vulnerabilities. It was awesome!”

Arham’s first entry into the business world was during the planning, creation, and development of Zstash – a social media platform based on common interests. It was very similar to the Twitter and Facebook of today, except that these weren’t big names back then. “I remember working between 20 and 22 hours a day. I was exhausted but I kept on coding nonetheless,” said Arham. (View Zstash prototype here:

“Zstash was my big dream until it ultimately didn’t reach the stage I had hoped for and I had to move on to greener pastures,” noted Arham. “Unfortunately, I was only able to get limited investors which meant limited access to the required capital. I guess it was perhaps too much for them to put their trust in a teenager with a concept (social-media) that was not yet fully understood.”

With Zstash no longer an option, Arham had to find another business idea to realize his dream of becoming financially independent and buying his family a proper home. “Times in Pakistan were tough during my childhood. Apart from politics, there was a lot of horrific stuff going on at home and in my personal life, so I focused a lot of my attention on finding a way out of it all. One way was to establish a business to make my own money.”

Starting his second business in 2012 with nothing to his name, Arham worked relentlessly to make it a success. “I knew nothing of business, marketing, or sales, but I had a business concept that revolved around advertising and helping celebrities and public personas with their brands. So, there I was, a 20-year-old nobody cold emailing and cold calling the world’s who’s who.”

It worked. Arham’s determination and resilience paid off, and he soon landed his first big client. From then on, the company grew into the 9-figure business it is today. “I remember one of my best months where we were netting $20k-$30k a day, and then over $100k daily in revenue.” After that, a consistent 9-figure revenue was no stranger to Arham.

“I understand most people will settle for $100K a day. Believe me, I’m very honored and feel exceptionally thankful that my business was operating at this level. But I knew that my team and I can always do better. That is the nature of growing and evolving as human beings. We get excited by the prospect of pushing the boundaries of what is possible.”

Apart from working daily in his own business, Arham is also invested in other ventures that he has helped gain over $100M in revenue since inception. His proprietary patent is awaiting final approval, and his AI automation tool project (focused on bringing ground-breaking new tools to the advertising marketplace) is underway. 

To collaborate or work with Arham Muhammad, contact him via his LinkedIn page at

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