Bing introduces CTA buttons for Textual Ads and more recent news


Great opportunity for another series of conversion focused news. Wondering what changes have been implemented by the major search engines and social media platforms in the last fortnight? Not anymore! Our weekly round-up focuses on highlighting news from the social, search and online shopping world.

Bing Introduced call to action buttons for textual ads

Bing rolled out new buttons called action extensions to its advertisers this month. Action extensions on Bing Ads will allow you to include clickable CTA buttons. Check out the image below for an example.

Bing Ads PC Layout by Bouncegate

Action extensions allow advertisers to drive visitors to their website. Participants in beta version reported an average increase of 20% in their CTR (Click-through rate) when they used Action extensions in their ads.

Bing Ads Mobile Layout by Bouncegate

Here are the key details about clickable actions extensions on Bing Ads:

  • Charges remain the same. You will pay same rates as you paid when someone clicked on your sitelinks.
  • You can club them with other ad extensions including sitelinks
  • Assigned URL is used as the CTA button when you do not provide the specific CTA button
  • Create them anyways you want via the Bing ads Management service API

Bing Ads Mobile Layout with action extensions and sitelinks by Bouncegate

Start adding action extension to your Bing Ads now. There are multiple templates for your use in the account panel already.

Facebook rolls out easier ad placement controls

Brands are extremely concerned about the content they share and their association with it. Have you come across situations where your contextual content is copied and used by other advertisers? Recent changes to ad placement controls have made it easier to control content.

Facebook recently introduced inventory filters for advertisers placing their ads within audience network, in-stream video and instant articles.

Advertisers will now have an option to choose one of the following inventory filter options when buying contextual ad placements.

  • Full Inventory will make your ad copy to be shown almost everywhere with minimum protection on your content
  • Limited Inventory allows you best possible protection on your content. Let’s assume your ad copy includes content that is considered offensive; these ad copies won’t show
  • Standard Inventory Preferred, most used and the default choice providing considerable levels of protection. Allows your ad copies to be shown alongside content some consider offensive

Facebook inventory options image by Bouncegate

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